Data Science and Engineering Unit Highlighted Projects

Use CHAT GPT to mark and provide feedback on university-level Java programming assignmentsFunder: Charles Sturt Teaching Academy
Investigators: Jason Howarth
Period: 2023-2024
Funding Amount: $5,000
Artificial intelligence-guided personalized medical and assistive device prescription for improving clinical outcomes and adherenceFunder: Department of Education
Investigators: Ashad Kabir
Period: 2024-2027
Funding Amount: $88,680
A Lightweight Adaptive Adversarial Attack-Resistant IDSFunder: Connectivity Innovation Network (CIN)
Investigators: Rafiqul Islam, Quazi Mamun and Zahid Islam
Period: 2023-2024
Funding Amount: $105,000

These are just a sample of new funding for projects allocated through the Data Science and Engineering Unit for BJBS researchers. For the full list go to Recent Projects – Data Science and Engineering Research Unit (