Division of Information Technology

Microsoft Teams

During 2022, Charles Sturt University has successfully implemented Microsoft Teams as our university-wide collaboration and communications platform. We have received excellent feedback from current users and we now ask all staff to start using, and take full advantage of, Microsoft Teams for desktop meetings and move away from Zoom, which has served us very well in recent years.
Some of the many benefits of using Microsoft Teams across the University include:
• Better overall functionality – Integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem of office productivity tools
• Easy to Use – Provides a more seamless and secure communication process
• Increases Productivity – Enables a collaborative platform that brings together chat, calls, meetings, Microsoft 365 apps, video meetings, file sharing, and third-party tools into one centralised location
• Keeps everyone informed – Provides greater organisation of information, and can be accessed and used anywhere, on any device
• Enables the creation of Teams and Channels for easy and effective team collaboration
• Provides access to Teams Meetings as a video meeting platform