Cohort Snapshoot

The Cohort Snapshot includes valuable information about subjects that may help academic teaching staff as they prepare the delivery of lectures, tutorials and assessment questions and online resources, as well as support services that are embedded in their subjects. This data was previously presented and shared as a HTML via an email from the Retention Team but is now available via Tableau through OPA.

To access the Cohort Snapshot:

  1. Please make sure you are either on campus or connected to the VPN. If you are unsure how to connect, please click here and follow instructions on how to connect.  
  2. Please Click here to access the Cohort Snapshot Dashboard  
  3. Once on the site you can select specific subjects on the top left-hand Side, year in the middle and session on the right-hand side.  
  4. Please note that staff will only have access to view locked data for subjects based on the ACSES system.
  5. The Dashboard will have the following key pieces of information at a subject level:
    a. Demographics
    b. Courses Enrolled
    c. Student Enrolment Patterns
    d. Students with Prior attempts
    e. Academic History
    f. Student Activity (within Interact2 sites)