DLT Exam Design and Building Support

The Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) are offering Professional Development (PD) for academics who are responsible for building online exams. DLT can provide the following PD sessions:

• How to build an exam in I2 and deploy it – tips and tricks
• Reuse of parts of an exam – e.g. Export/Import (e.g. pools/tests) vs copying, editing questions, deleting and adding questions, etc
• Designing an exam with academic integrity
• Designing an open book exam

DLT can also offer sessions on:

• Setting up an EASTS or Turnitin Exam
• Question types in Interact2
• Tips and Tricks on building exams
• Advanced exam building in Interact 2
• Marking in Interact2
• Troubleshooting exam issues e.g. accessing the student log, correcting errors with questions, etc
• Exams and Assessment Design Principles
• Alternatives assessment types to exams

PD sessions can be designed to meet specific needs of different schools and disciplines.

Contact Dr Angela Fenton Associate PVC (Learning and Teaching) for further information afenton@csu.edu.au