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Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC

Consider joining the Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC that runs from 01 March to 29 July 2023.  The course is open for enrolment and will be available from the 1st March 2023.

If you would like to upskill your teaching practices the free self-paced Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC provides a great resource for higher education learning and teaching concepts and strategies.  You can choose which modules you explore, and the two-hour modules can be completed over a session. The course is now open for enrolment and will be available from the 1st March 2023.

Once you have enrolled, please email Deborah Scheele and confirm your enrolment and she will invite you to participate in an informal gathering for Charles Sturt colleagues participating in this MOOC. This will involve getting together for @45 – 60 minutes every 2 weeks to share experiences and reflect on how your practice is developing because of the MOOC.  

Peer review@ CS

Peer reviews are a great way for educators to both reflect on and improve teaching practices. Peer review @ CS supports both formative and summative peer review – summative is used in preparation for promotion and probation and formative supports teaching practice development. Therefore, you could offer your colleagues the opportunity to request a formative (developmental) peer review of their teaching – either by a peer or by a person external to their school/area.

To request a peer review your colleagues can visit our Peer review page, hit the ‘Make a peer review request’ button, fill in their details and under ‘Purpose of review’ select ‘Formative’.  One of our team will make contact and continue the process. The page also has some great peer review information, forms and resources.

Curated self-paced resources to support improved teaching practices

PD sessions are detailed on our Workshops and recordings page.  You can also visit the professional learning page which links to a range of information on professional development and helpful information on teaching practices.