CSU Awarded International Grant

Working at a laptop
Professor Manoranjan Paul
Dr Quazi Mamun

Professor Manoranjan Paul and Dr Quazi Mamun have obtained a Japanese international grant (i.e., ASPIRE) of $5M where CSU will get $500k. The project title is Research on Sensing, Actuation, Communication, and Mobile Intelligence Infrastructure for Ambient Intelligence. They will work mainly on object recognition/detection for the driverless car.

The grant is supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) under the ASPIRE program. It program aims to fund top-level research and enhance researcher mobility, focusing on fields that contribute to cultivating globally leading researchers.

We were successful under the “Top Scientists/Top Teams” category in the ‘Telecommunication’ research field, a collaborative research team comprising seven universities from six countries will work on “Research on Sensing, Actuation, Communication, and Intelligent Signal Processing Infrastructure for Ambient Intelligence.”

The project aims to create intelligent environments supporting people and their activities, with the Japanese team focusing on modelling, sensing, actuation, and communication functions, while the overseas team explores communication functions, sensing, intelligent signal processing infrastructure, and demonstration experiments. The project also aims to establish a top international research community, foster young researchers through international collaboration, and promote knowledge exchange through workshops.

The research team consists of seven universities from six countries:
· Keio University, Japan (leading university)
· Waseda University, Japan
· Charles Sturt University, Australia
· University of Houston, USA
· Queen’s University Belfast, UK
· Memorial University, Canada
· Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway