Division of Library Services: New role – Senior Manager, Scholarly Communications and Research.

The Division of Library Services would like to welcome Anna Du Chesne to the new role of Senior Manager, Scholarly Communications and Research. Anna will lead a small team of cross faculty librarians who will deliver, review, and evaluate Library programs and services that guide researchers through the complex areas of scholarly communication and research support. The small team will not only sustain successful ongoing initiatives but also pioneer new ones.

Scholarly communication refers to the systematic practice through which academics, scholars, and researchers disseminate their research findings to the broader academic community and the public. Alongside the publication of research outputs, scholarly communication considers the evaluation, licensing, and preservation of research outputs. It encompasses traditional publications (books, journal articles, and conference proceedings), continually emerging publications (working papers and blogs), and research objects such as datasets.

A focus of the Library’s Scholarly Communions services and programs will be the development of and advocacy for, an Open Research culture at Charles Sturt University. Open Research aims to make the knowledge gained from academic research openly available as soon as possible. It has also been described as ‘Open Science’ and ‘Open Scholarship’. It involves applying open licenses on outputs including publications, data, code, sources, methods, instruments, and sharing these so that others can benefit. The aim is to break down barriers to knowledge and make access as inclusive as possible.
Key programs will include advice on the different open access publishing pathways, guidance on the responsible use of research metrics, and establishing clear protocols for the secure management of research data. The Senior Manager will work closely with the University Copyright Coordinator to deliver high-quality consultative services to faculty and students about copyright, negotiating rights retention, and applying open licenses such as Creative Commons licenses to your research and data outputs.
Please reach out to the Anna with any questions at aduchesne@csu.edu.au