Executive Dean’s Message

As Winter sets in, I hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying the joys of winter, except for our Port Macquarie colleagues I’m sure you have all enjoyed the early frosts and scraping the ice from your car window.  

To continue our journey towards achieving our personal and collective goals for the year, I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of fostering a collaborative and professional work environment within our faculty. Our collective success relies heavily on our ability to work together harmoniously, to support each other, and to maintain a respectful and courteous atmosphere.  

In order to achieve our goals, we need the best version of ourselves. A healthy work/life balance is necessary to ensure we enjoy our work and do not get burnt out. There are a number of things that I think we all need to keep in mind about how we approach our work and the practices that we engaged in. It is easy for our work to intrude into our personal lives in this age where we are constantly connected via our phones and devices.  

I would like to propose some simple things for you to consider: 

  • Avoid sending and responding to emails on weekends and during periods of absence.  
  • Working from the office provides a better sense of separation between our work and personal lives. 
  • Take a walk or do some exercise during the day.  
  • Step away from your desk or office to take a break to have coffee or have lunch with your colleagues and work friends. 
  • Take leave. Full Stop. 

We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and to engage in the self-care so we can be our best selves. I have decided to participate in Dry July again this year to support individuals and families affected by cancer. I have included more information below on this great cause and if you wish to join me simply visit the Dry July website and sign up as an individual or join our faculty team “BJBS Dream Team”  

If you choose to take part in Dry July with me, there is no expectation for you to donate money. My motivation is for my own health and to raise awareness for cancer.  

Recent Faculty Developments  

Attestation parade  

 It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to attend the Attestation Parade of Class 362 at the NSW Police Force Academy on 21st June, this is the first cohort of students to attest having received a salary for the duration of session two while they were training at the Academy. After 32 weeks of training, it was great to see the probationary constables about to take their first steps from the academy grounds on the Friday to their first command posting on Monday to continue their journey to completing the Associate Degree in Policing Practice with Charles Sturt University. 

The attestation parade is always a testament to the coordination and organisation of the NSW Police Force, Education and Training Command and Charles Sturt staff on the ground in Goulburn. 

I was also privileged to have been in attendance with the NSW Governor Margaret Beazley NSW Premier Honorable Chris Minns MP, the NSW Shadow Minister for Police Honorable Paul Toole MP, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb and Detective Inspector Ms Amy Scott who received an award for her outstanding bravery during the Bondi Junction incident in April 2024.

China Join Cooperation Program In-Country Visit 

I recently travelled to China to visit our partners in the Joint China Program to attend graduations and annual meetings with all four institutions this also included the 25th Anniversary Meeting and Celebration. It was great to see our partners again to celebrate our joint achievements and to discuss future opportunities.