The Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice (CoP)

The Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice (CoP) aims to provide a space where all CSU staff (academic and professional) can come together to explore the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of AI use in higher education to improve student outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and concerns about the use of generative AI in education including teaching and learning approaches, academic integrity, the use of AI tools for teaching and research, and policy developments across higher education. The focus of the CoP is to provide you with the opportunity to engage in informal and open discussions about the use of AI, and to foster a supportive culture of professional learning, collaboration, and creativity. Beginners and experts are welcome. Topics coming up soon include: AI and copyright, Using AI for awards and promotions, AI tools for researchers, AI and assessment design, AI and First Nations knowledge and research, AI and “Botshit”, and an assessment task writing challenge. For more information please email Jacquie Tinkler, Sub-Dean, Learning and Teaching, FOAE:

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