Student Careers and Skills

The Careers and Skills Hub team has a team of specialist educators to support you to embed career and skill development into your curriculum.

As you prepare for Session 1, explore the services that are available:  

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Embedded workshops

Our team of educators are also available to deliver a range of workshops into your subjects or courses. The team have a suite of prepared workshops that can be embedded into your subject. Workshops are normally delivered live using Zoom and are 60 minutes in length. However, we can deliver face-to-face on campus. Popular workshops include:

  • How to job hunt and application basics
  • Build your resume
  • LinkedIn and online branding
  • Employment and transferable skills
  • Goal setting
  • How to work with a team

Explore the full range of workshops here.


The Careers and Skills Hub runs three student mentoring programs aligned with the student lifecycle:

  • Uni Foundations: connecting commencing students to experienced students for four 1 hour sessions in the lead up to census each session.
  • Uni Connections: connecting continuing students to other continuing students to support students’ academic and career goals.
  • Connecting to Industry: connecting students approaching graduation to alumni and other industry partners.

We can also customise online student mentoring programs to support your course or subject outcomes. Explore the mentoring programs here.

Strive Leadership modules

Strive is Charles Sturt’s online student leadership program that offers a selection of 20 modules covering a variety of topics all connected to employability skill development. The program is free for students and allows them to choose to complete 10 modules (four compulsory) and then receive a non-award certificate in Leadership from the university, which is recorded on the student’s Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS). Either the program or specific modules can be easily integrated into subjects.  The full list of modules can be found here.

Customised LinkedIn Learning Paths

A learning path is a curated selection of training content that guides learners through a robust skill development sequence. These “playlists” connect content relevant to your course, subject or a related skill set. Our team will curate the learning paths offered by LinkedIn, so the material meets the needs of your learners.

Career Portal

The Career Portal is an online platform that provides 24/7 access to a range of high quality, interactive, online resources including videos, guides and articles. This includes skills assessment tools, automated feedback on CVs and mock interviews, and career E-Learning and core skills course. Explore the Career Portal here. Please note resources must be linked to and cannot be directly replicated outside the platform.

Feedback on career or employability skills subjects and assessments

We can support you to better prepare students for success in future work and learning. We can help you to embed career-relevant instruction, connecting your classroom pedagogy to the skills that are being sought in the current job market.  Our engaged and highly informed team can work with you to ‘skillify’ parts of your curriculum and design experiences for students to make more connections between course content and the world of work they will enter after university. We can collaborate with you to make taught skills more explicit in your course documents and design assessments that help learners develop and demonstrate strong employability skills.  Feel free to contact us to hear more about how other subjects and courses are teaching career and skills content.

Student Jobs Board

Charles Sturt University maintains a Student Jobs Board. The board feature a wide range of employment opportunities for students from casual work, internships through to graduate employment opportunities.  We encourage you to remind students to set up a saved filter on the jobs board, so that they are alerted by email to upcoming job opportunities. Explore the Student Jobs Board here.

Link your students to support services

The Careers and Skills Hub provides a range of student-facing services. The Earn As You Learn program supports students studying to find work. Regular workshops are promoted through the Student Portal and students can attend one-on-one appointments for support with job application preparation, interview preparation, career planning, or course indecision support. Students can explore the range of free services on offer here: