Executive Dean’s Message

L-R – Mrs San Chharda – EFI/Charles Sturt Program Assistant of Economics and Finance Institute, Mr Bun Chhay – Deputy Director of Economics and Finance Institute, Mr Eang Sopheak – Deputy Director of Economics and Finance Institute, Mr In Em – Director General of Economics and Finance Institute Ms Eleanor Mitchell, Professor Lewis Bizo, Professor Zahid Islam, Ms Chantal Tung   

As we approach the end of the year, I want to highlight the importance of taking time away from work to decompress, rest, and refresh. I know that one’s work can become all-consuming, and there are many reasons why we might feel we can’t disconnect. From my own personal perspective, I know how important it is for me to take that time off and I would encourage everyone to think ahead to book leave over the coming months and reconnect with what is tremendously important – our families, friends, and our own well–being. Often, I encounter staff with significant leave owing to them.  I have heard many reasons from staff as to why they haven’t taken leave, ranging from “having too much work to do…” “not wanting to fall behind” … or “feel guilty or responsible for ensuring their tasks are completed”. I appreciate people’s dedication to their work, but doing so at the expense of self-care is not healthy. We all have a part to play in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and to take leave when needed. Taking regular breaks from work is essential for our overall personal well-being and mental health. I would encourage you to talk to your line manager about your workload and how you might arrange to take leave.  

I have just recently returned from Cambodia connecting with our friends and colleagues at the Economics and Finance Institute and the Alumni Association. I very much enjoyed the hospitality and I look forward to working on future partnership opportunities for the wider University, during the visit we met with Senior staff and Government officials  

L-R:, Professor Zahid Islam, Professor Lewis Bizo, Ms Eleanor Mitchell, 1: Dr Hean Sahib, Secretary of State 2: Mr In Em – Director General of Economics and Finance Institute 3: Mr Eang Sopheak – Deputy Director of Economics and Finance 

L- R: Kim Sophea (Treasurer), Sou Phirany (Deputy General Director), Sandy Chua (Deputy General Director), Narita Hang Chuon (Head Of Corporate Banking at J Trust Royal Bank, EFI Alumni), Ms Eleanor Mitchell, Ms Chantal Tung, Professor Lewis Bizo, Professor Zahid Islam, Mr Eang Sopheak (Deputy Director of Economics and Finance Institute) 

I would just like to highlight that the staff communications survey has been posted on the BJBS site Communications Survey Results – BJBS Blog (csu.edu.au). I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who participated. The results will inform our broader communications strategy and give the faculty a better sense of staff expectations for communicating information.  

2023 Research Infrastructure Support Scheme (RISS)  

The RISS is funded through the Research Support Program (RSP), a Commonwealth Research Block Grant. The RSP provides funds to eligible higher education institutions to support the systematic cost of research not supported directly through competitive and other grants.  

Three FoBJBS Academic teams have been successful in securing RISS Grants for use to purchase infrastructure to support ongoing research. Congratulations to all those involved – well done! 

I also want to congratulate Dr Rachel Hogg for what looks like a very interesting talk where she will be discussing her research concerning domestic violence and mental health for woman. https://tedxwaggawagga.com/

I know this is a very busy time of year as we look to close off various projects and our teaching and research commitment for 2023. Over the next several weeks I’ll be working with the Faculty Leadership Team to develop the Faculty Operational Plan for 2024 and look forward to finalising this over coming weeks.