Accessing & Downloading Automatic 7-Day Extension Reports

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Special thanks to Dr Prue Gonzalez Sub-Dean, Learning and Teaching Faculty of Science and Health/ Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management

There are multiple ways to access and download reports about students who have applied for an Automatic 7-Day Extension in your subject.

Watch this very short screencast (3m15s) to find out about the different ways to access and download reports:

The screencast takes you through the following information formats:

  1. An email notification will be sent to the Subject Coordinator from the Special Consideration Request System for each student who applied for an Automatic 7-Day Extension.
  2. Staff can search the Special Consideration System for special consideration requests:
  3. Staff can search for and download an Automatic 7-Day Extension Report of students who have received an Automatic 7-Day Extension for a given subject via Tableau. Please note: to access the Tableau server, staff must be connected to the CSU network or using the Virtual Desktop.

Useful Bookmarks for your Browser:

Special Consideration Request Form:

7 Day Automatic Extension Report Tableau (CSU network access required):

CSU Assessment Flexibility Procedure:

7-Day Automatic Extension Staff FAQs: