A Psychology Pizza Lunch at Port

Special thank you to Dr Nicole Sudgen and Professor Suzanne McLaren

The rain stopped in time for our pizza lunch in the courtyard on Tuesday 14th March. The 25 students and four staff enjoyed an informal gathering, where Suzanne McLaren and Bianca Spaccaven to spoke about their career paths and their roles working as health and forensic psychologists, respectively. Some students were brave enough to ask questions and then we mingled in small groups to encourage engagement. Donnah Anderson introduced the first years to the second- and third-year students who attended. Our decision to have the lunch straight after the PSY101 lecture saw about half the class stay. Thank you to Leigh Grant for encouraging the first years to attend and engaging with them in a social context. We hope to hold four social gatherings per year, with the next likely towards the end of session. Thank you to Kate Altmann for organising lunch from afar.