Have you heard there is a Turnitin pilot underway for 30 session? Lachlan Kalache, Learning Technology Lead – DLT, has provided some further details for your information…

One degree program from each Faculty has been selected to use the full integration between Turnitin and Blackboard (instead of EASTS) for session 30:

BJBS – Bachelor of LAWS

FoS – Bachelor of Vet Sci | Vet Bio

FoAE – BEd (K-12)

There are about 140 odd subjects in there as it stands.

These subjects will have Turnitin submission portals set up by Lachlan, who has worked with the academics and convenors to make the adjustment to subject outlines, i2 site (incl. the grade centre) in order for the following to happen:

  • Student-facing AI checks
  • Assessment submission via the TII portal
  • Teacher-facing AI checks
  • Task feedback and grading using the Turnitin Feedback Studio
  • Grades flow through automatically to the GC

So no EASTS, no batch download/uploading to other portals, no manual entry of grades etc.

If it all runs to plan, the option for all subjects to use Turnitin as the submission method for assessment tasks will be available from session 202260 onwards.  Note – there is a bit of manual adjustment required, which is why Lachlan is taking carriage of this in the first instance.. putting together the documentation, training, videos etc., for staff to use moving forward.

EASTS, Norfolk etc., will continue to be available and supported, until at least until the end of this year… noting Charles Sturt will be moving to a new LMS over the next 18 months – 2 years, so it is anticipated we will be using this single submission portal approach in that new environment.

Lachlan will be running a PD session during 202230 on the pilot, to give everyone a look at how it’s running etc., so for anyone keen to learn more please attend this session