Recognition: Professor Anthony Saliba – 2021 Faculty Research Award winner

Did you know… Professor Anthony Saliba was one of our 2021 Faculty Research Awards winners. Anthony is the winner of the Most Productive Researcher Award for the School of Psychology, and No. 3 Most Productive Researcher (by Category A RPI Publication Points), for the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Science. 

Dr Anthony Saliba is a Professor of Perceptual Psychology in the School of Psychology, at Charles Sturt University. His research focuses on perceptual psychology, which includes sensory science and consumer behaviour. 

Anthony’s other interests include taking a positive psychology approach to understanding how people cope with common psychological disorders, and more generally maintain their wellbeing. He was the first to discover that personality type influences our taste preferences. 

Anthony has worked in government, industry and the university sector in research and leadership roles. He has been awarded over $2 million in research funding and managed over $8 million in research projects. He has published over 100 articles, white papers, and reports with an i10-index of 51 and h-index of 29. 

Tell us a bit about your research?

I was the first to discover that personality type influences taste preference, which may be the factor that helps to unlock a complete understanding of why people like the like the foods that they do. 

Anthony’s discovery led to over 100 media appearances, with an estimated 10 million people hearing about his discovery. His research has been covered by The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement, CNN Health, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph in India, and was the top story of the day on NBC’s Today program.   

In 2013, Anthony won the Charles Sturt Vice Chancellor’s award for his research.

How does your research impact Charles Sturt and our community? 

My research helps promote awareness of Charles Sturt and supports our University’s communities through a better understanding of consumer markets for regional produce.

Anthony’s research discoveries provide a better understanding of wellbeing, and how to avoid periods of illbeing. His discoveries also lead to a greater understanding of the balance between hedonically driven experience (i.e. pleasure) and healthy long-term behaviours.

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