New year, new Academic Skills Coordinators!  

The Academic Skills Coordinator to FOBJSB will now be job shared between Tara Johnson and David O’Sullivan (0.5 each). We wish Emma Gersbach well in her new role as Manager, Orientation.

Tara joined Charles Sturt University in 2013 and has a background in accounting, educational design and online study. She has been employed in various educational support and design roles and as a sessional academic.  Tara is looking forward to working in the FOBJSB space after her recent return from maternity leave.

David has written several non-fiction books and has spent the past six years assisting students in developing their literacy and academic writing skills at Charles Sturt University. He has a law/arts degree and has experience in small business and property development. David is particularly looking forward to assisting students in workshops and will continue to undertake his Adviser role 0.5 in conjunction with this role.

As your Academic Skills Coordinators, they can work with you to customise an embedded workshop, recorded presentation or a resource to support the development of students’ academic writing skills within the context of your subject delivery.  They can also explain and promote various support services, including free 24/7 assignment writing feedback and appointments with Academic Skills Advisers, which run seven days per week, including evenings. The skills we can help teach can give the student the ability to understand what is expected in academic writing, referencing, reflection, structure, use of evidence, critiquing and more. This team effort of teacher, adviser, and student can lead to success now and in their future professional careers.

Please contact David and/or Tara should you require assistance