The timetable team is pleased to advise that MyTimetable opened for Academic staff on Monday 24 January 2022.

Accessing MyTimetable: (Please use Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported)

  • MyTimetable (staff view) is available here:  (Please note: this is a different link to 2021. We are now on the even URL)
  • If you log in (with your CSU user name and password) and you don’t have a user account please email detailing your Full Name, Staff ID, Faculty and School, and we will set you up in the system.
  • If you require assistance please email or phone 02 6338 6772.

What subjects are included?

  • On-campus subjects scheduled at one of the six main Charles Sturt campuses (Albury, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie and Wagga) will be included in MyTimetable;
  • Online subjects, including Residential School subjects, will not be included in MyTimetable;


Auto-Single means that a student is automatically allocated into an activity where there is a single instance of that activity. This has been activated for Stage 1, therefore, you may see some students already allocated into your classes.

Allocation into subjects

MyTimetable is designed to allow students to sign up to their preferred classes once it is open for allocation, meaning there is no action from Academic staff required if you are happy for this to take place. There are some circumstances, however, especially for complex course structures, where this is not suitable. Academic staff have the option now to allocate students to classes. Instructions on how to do this are included in the Staff User Guide (attached).

Please note: If you choose to manage your own student allocations, and you do not want students to be able to allocate themselves, you will need to perform the Allocations using the ‘List’ option for the activity (instead of using the ‘Allocate’ button) so you can uncheck the ‘Allow student changes’ box  before you click the ‘Insert’ button. This will need to be done prior to allocation opening for Students on Monday 7 February 2022. Please continue monitoring your activities to manage late enrolments.

Other features

Other features available to Academic staff include; setting buffers, setting constraints, view student activity, create class lists and access to attendance reports.

What’s features are available for students?

  • Swap Feature – If a students preferred activity is full, they are able to allocate into another activity and request a swap into the activity they would prefer. If a place becomes available they will be automatically allocated into their preferred class and notified.
  • Waitlist Feature – If all activities are full for a student they are able to request to be added to a waitlist. If a place becomes available they will be automatically allocated into an activity and notified. We will continue to monitor enrolments and add extra activities if required.
  • Alerts – students will now receive an alert, as well as an email when there is a change to their timetable. Alerts will show when a student logs into MyTimetable.
  • Clash Resolution Form – Students that have a clash with 2 core subjects will complete the form and submit directly to the Timetable team who will take usual action to resolve the clash. Students that are unable to resolve a clash with an elective subject themselves, will continue to receive assistance from Student Central.


If you require any assistance with using MyTimetable the Timetabling team are here to assist.

  • For a refresher on how to access MyTimetable watch this clip
  • The Timetable website contains new ’How to’ videos, Dates, User Guides, Calendar Equivalencies and links to our Online Forms
  • Staff Guide: a Staff User Guide is attached
  • Contact Us: You can contact the Timetabling team at or by phoning 02 6338 6772.

How do students get help?

Please contact Trudi Lewis, Team Leader – Timetable for further information – Tel: +61 2 6933 4374, Email: