DIT have some updates to share

DIT has established liaison meetings to help with communicating and seeking feedback as we launch into 2022. This is a welcome initiative. Some updates from the last meeting are offered below in dot point form.

Apps and developments impacting the Faculties
• They will be embarking on utilising the MS Power platform to develop apps quickly
• There is a redevelopment of study site and homepage
• CRM – they are seeking to prioritise and scoring priorities
• Workplace Learning – Piloting use of Power BI for operational reporting and dashboarding. Initially looking to support Dynamics reporting but hoping to extend to other platforms. The exercise will include building internal capability with Power BI.

ITS developments impacting the Faculties
• Collaboration platforms – rolling out Microsoft TEAMS Q3/Q4 2022 for Staff, Zoom to remain conferencing system for Learning and Teaching;
• Replacement of physical phone system to reduce cost and increase functionality – TEAMS calls Q3/Q4 2022
• Implementing Microsoft apps
• New and improved 24×7 security platforms and tools to protect CSU data, information and business
• Conversations to be had through the year with Schools and Faculty around data and tools not stored within secure managed areas, e.g. systems in labs or under desks.
• Cyber Security Committee to be formed this year
• Student password policy changes
• CSU Policy Review will impact digital and online safety obligations which may impact faculty and school support of platforms, e.g. Blogs
• AV IT Technology and Zoom rooms upgrades underway progressively through to June/July 2022

Enterprise Architecture developments impacting the Faculties
• Concluding discovery work with IBM for proposal of the Adobe platform roll out

• IBM data governance maturity project being wrapped up. Will provide advice on practices and resources for data governance into the future.

• New Learner Management System (LMS):

  • RFI this week and
  • RFI is self-assessment of capability coverage
  • Pre RFP is capabilities into scenarios
  • RFP with scenarios and requirements
  • Additional stakeholder engagement and depth/ breadth of analysis from Pre RFP onwards

Please feel free to reach out to Sophie Dewar sdewar@csu.edu.au, Chair of the meeting if you have any queries.