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Exams Online Provider Update

Vendor Pilots

CSU piloted both Cirrus Assessment and Better Examinations platforms

Eleven staff participated within the pilots reflecting a diverse cross-section of the Faculties Charles Sturt.

The providers were assessed on functional capabilities including:

  • Authoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Adminsitration
  • Delievry
  • Exam Sititng
  • Marking
  • Moderation
  • Exam Results (outocmes)

Five students participated in student feedback sessions and they participated in mock interviews.

The providers were also evaluated on non-functional capabilities, including:

  • Security
  • Integration
  • Web Office

Based on evaluations Charles Sturt is looking to finalise a contract with Cirrus Assessment. I trust we will be informed once contracts are signed and a project manager assigned to manage the change process, but it is my understanding the rollout will start from micro session 202252 with a full rollout come 202290.

202190 Exam period: washup

Change: links to Zoom rooms were provided to students in their personal exam timetable. This removed the need to list student’s names against Zoom rooms in Interact2. The room links were still visible in Interact2.

Overall, this worked well. However, there is a small issue with the exam timetable not always being available to some students. This is isolated and is being investigated.

Phone Support:

There were approximately 4000 students sittings

DateNumber of calls
Monday February 742
Tuesday February 850
Wednesday February 947
Thursday February 1031
Friday February 1111

Main topics for students seeking support:

  • Zoom – authentication and link
  • DX/AE – location of exam
  • EASTS – exam file, submitting exam
  • Technical issues – internet dropping out, camera/microphone not working

Exam issues:

  • Zoom room links not visible
  • Exam not appearing – adaptive release removed.
  • Some AEA students no shows – DPC have confirmed must pay 3 hours for shift


Team has reviewed recordings of invigilated exams to assess:

  • Room management/control
  • ID check process
  • Introductory information for students

As a result:

  • Reviewed who we roster as a host or co-host
  • Refresher training will occur prior to 202230 exams