Sub Dean L&T 2021 Summary 👏

Well, what a year! I’m not sure anyone would have predicted what this one had in store… it was a tad disruptive, to say the least. However, I think it is fair to say how much we have each probably admired and respected each other in regards to the tenacity and resilience shown across the Faculty. There is a lot to celebrate – so many staff have excelled and received some impressive awards (teaching and research), which is highlighted by the messages from the Acting Executive Dean and respective Heads of School in their messages. But there is a lot that goes unsaid in what many of you do on a daily basis, so thank you for just getting on and doing the quality work you do. This goes for the Heads of School / Exec Leadership Team who have put in relentless hours and effort over the year.

I recently read this article which discusses how if we each make small steps towards continuous improvement this compounds to have a large impact and helps create a positive workplace culture. Hence, I hope we take time to rest over the closure period and we come back in 2022 feeling hopefully refreshed and ready to tackle new and or existing goals. One of my goals is offering a new i2 org site for all Faculty staff which will share links/resources and allow for a space where we can support each other across schools via chats and forums and further foster a collegial environment – it is titled FoBJBS L&T and will be available by Friday 24 Dec. A big thank you is offered to Nicole Sugden – who created the original site from which I cloned (her gift from me to you – lol). Please feel free to self-enroll. It will evolve and be only as valuable as the efforts and contributions we all put into it. Hence, if you have any suggestions/recommended edits/things you would like added – please reach out to me and make contact!

We also have a lot to be grateful for. I urge you to watch this powerful short video which shows the lived experience of family members of our emergency service workers. Given who we educate, those we work with, the research we are doing with Emergency Services Foundation, the communities we live in, and the year we have faced I felt this was worth sharing.

We have a bumper last issue of BJBS news for 2021. Please note the wiki is tab-based with the latest news appearing under each tab/section at the top. What’s included in this issue are messages/updates from:

  • Exec Office / Acting Exec Dean
  • Heads of Schools
  • Workplace Learning
  • Faculty Admin
  • Research
  • Project groups
  • Other L&T Posts from DLT, and the Library

Also in case, you missed the following in your inbox and need want to catch up with some light reading over the closedown period please refer to the respective links for the latest updates /news items:

Until 2022 stay safe, well, and enjoy some R&R and hopefully, you will all be surrounded by family and friends that bring lots of laughter and love into your lives.