Strategy, Polaris, CRM, and CDAP

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University Strategy

To keep up to date with the 8 key drivers and KPIs please refer here. Please try and get involved by knowing how they are tracking. It is recommended you have conversations within your School Boards and other respective meetings and make it an ongoing discussion/conversation. We all need to think about how each of us can contribute to making a positive difference.  


The purpose of the Polaris Program is to significantly reduce our 150+ disparate systems and centre our technology around five core platforms.

CRM is one of these five platforms. Specifically, from the last meeting in November, the CRM Project Manager provided an overview of the project status, considerations, and assumptions and noted the following:

  • Final project release was 11th of November 2021
  • 2 KPMG Developers will stay on and work with Mark Westerman to implement some final work across requirements for
    • Data Integration
    • Prospect Citizenship
    • Graduate Studies Requests

The Change Lead provided a written update on the project’s change plan, and noted the following:

  • Reinforcement Plan will be implemented via the Business as Usual Governance Structure, to be led by John Smith and Mark Westerman in partnership with the CRM Leadership Group.

CDAP is another one of the five platforms. The Curriculum Design, Accreditation, and Publication (CDAP) project will create flexible workflows and curriculum management processes that look and operate consistently. The consolidation of systems into a single platform will better facilitate the management of the curriculum lifecycle at Charles Sturt University, enabling teams to work together more effectively on the design, accreditation, and publication of courses and subjects and to simplify the maintenance of the curriculum.