Faculty Admin 2021 Round Up

team image

It has been a hugely productive year for the Faculty administrative teams. Early in the year we navigated our way through the changes resulting from Organisational Review 2. All of the teams were integral in making sure that the transition was seamless, special mention to the Operations team working away behind the scenes on the likes of the “S” drive and web pages. 

We have seen changes to the Academic Progress Policy and procedure this year. With a few tweaks to the current procedure and input from our Courses team we should have a streamlined and efficient process for future sessions. Just a quick mention that we will see further changes in this space as rules around commonwealth supported places – evolve. More to come on that.

Subjects and SAL review have been improved off the great work done following Optimisation  – special shout out to Katie Clarke and the Subjects team for leading the way on this.  We are all looking forward to continuing the great work that has been done.

We dove headfirst into CDAP in the middle of the year. Goodbye to CASIMS! All the teams have done a huge amount of work in the discovery phase, and we are continuing to work on the transition and implementation of CDAP. It is and will continue to be, a huge body of work as we wave goodbye to CASIMS.

On the topic of system renewal and enhancement – we will be moving into the discovery and implementation of Technology One (Tech One) in 2022. The Polaris team, along with a select few members of the administration teams have attended intensive discovery meetings recently. Tech One will become our new norm in terms of student database management – more to come in 2022.

Shall we mention COVID? Probably. Along with the entire University the administration teams, (and in particular our WPL team) pivoted, swerved, u-turned, rotated, twisted, moonwalked, shimmied, you name it! Around COVID in 2021. They did it with grace, ease, humour and showed magnificent resilience. Testament to what a marvellous group of all round good humans that they are!

In 2021 we saw much loved team members retire, some took on new opportunities, some stepped up into new roles all while keeping this huge machine churning. A tremendous effort – well done to everyone.

We would like to wish all of our colleagues a very safe, happy and cheerful festive holiday break.

See you all in 2022!


Jilly Taylor