End of year School updates

Detailed in this post are some lovely end-of-year messages from the respective Heads of School / Centre Directors …

School of Business – Julia Lynch

The School of Business was established on 5 July 2021 with the merger of the Schools of Management and Marketing and Accounting and Finance.  It is a great credit to the staff of both Schools that the process of combining has been as trouble-free as possible, with staff achieving some outstanding outcomes across teaching, research, and the all-important attribute of University service.

Stacey Jenkins achieved a promotion which was so well deserved after her outstanding leadership of the School of Management and Marketing, impressive research output, and quality teaching practice. On the Bathurst Campus, the School has been instrumental in establishing the PK Basu Pollinator Garden as a shared space for the nurturing of the local bee population.  This has been developed through a CSU grant and staff members of the School have worked on weekends to nurture and develop the garden.  This is having the effect of developing strong campus networks and bringing people together from different parts of the University in a community project – and the bees are thriving!! 

Many people within the School have been recognised for their contributions this year and earlier this week we had the announcement of the Faculty Research and Teaching Awards.  Cliff Lewis was awarded the most productive early career researcher and Russell Roberts was named the most productive researcher in the Faculty, with Tahmid Nayeem at 4. Mark Morrison at 9 ( a huge achievement given his overall leadership responsibilities) and Nick Pawsey at 15. Ramudu Bhanugopan received the Faculty Research Award for HDR supervision and one of his students won the outstanding thesis award.  Within the School, Jodie Kleinschafer was awarded the most productive Level B researcher.  Tahmid Nayeem and Felicity Small were awarded the team Faculty Award for teaching.  These awards recognise the outstanding work done by staff in the School of Business and it was a lovely end to the year to see so many receive this recognition on top of the Red Excellence awards which saw the following staff recognised: Cliff and Yianni received an award as part of a team in Strong Universities and Russell, Alain, Stacey, Larissa, Alfred, and Mark received an award in the Vibrant Regional Communities category, and Stacey received a Highly commended in the Strong Universities category and Felicity and Tahmid received the same award in the Succesful Graduates category.  

AGSPS / CLJ – Nick O’Brien


  • This year we started our ‘Threat Briefing’ series.  An initiative of Dr Kristy Campion, we hold an open briefing on a subject of security interest.  Kristy will have done 8 by the end of this year.  Some of the sessions have attracted audiences of over 100.
  • Dr Jamie Ferrill transitioned from a contract to a permanent member of staff.
  • Dr Jamie Ferrill was funded by the World Customs Organisation to travel to Brussels to present a paper.
  • Doug Allan submitted his doctorate.
  • Dr Kristy Campion and Dr Jamie Ferrill taking over as joint editors-in-chief of our ERA listed journal, ‘Salus’.
  • Allen and Unwin agree to publish Dr Kristy Campion’s book, Chasing Shadows; The Untold and Deadly Story of Terrorism in Australia, early in 2022.  https://www.booktopia.com.au/chasing-shadows-kristy-campion/book/9781761065309.html
  • Credit Package agreed with the Naval Information Warfare Branch.



  • Successfully applied for 2 Sturt Schemes.  Project Leaders:  Professor Seumas Miller, Professor Mark Nolan, Associate Professor Patrick Walsh.

School of Computing Maths and Engineering – Irfan Altas and Jim Morgan

Congratulations to Michael Bewong for receiving a Charles Sturt Executive Dean’s Teaching Award

The School is also excited about:

  • three colleagues receiving the AISA Cyber Security Researcher of the Year Award – Professor Zahid Islam, Associate Professor Rafiqul Islam and Dr Ba Dung Le!
  • the new Master of Professional IT course which will be offered to international students in Port Macquarie from 202230.
  • progress in establishing the Cyber, Data and Security Institute (based on the success of Data Science Research Unit)
  • Peter Thew Was listen in the recent RED awrds.
  • Our first year Engineering students team Tash, Tess and Xavier won the Community Partner Award (Centre for Appropriate Technology) in the Engineers Without Borders Challenge Finals. One of only 3 prizes given by the judges. Feedback from the engineer representing CfAT praised the team on the way their project offered opportunities for connection to Country and the way they showed their understanding of this in the presentation. Well done to all involved. As Shara and Jim noted they are proud of the team’s project and particularly of Tash preparing the presentation and representing the team on her own this week. See image below ..

Centre for Customs and Excise Studies – David Widdowson

This year has been an unusual one to say the least, particularly with the extended lockdown, so it’s a credit to all our staff that it has been such a successful one. Here are a few highlights:

  • Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses ran smoothly, including our first online delivery of the Bachelor of Border Management (Customs) for Qatar Customs
  • A comprehensive review of the Bachelor of Border Management was successfully concluded
  • Two new subjects have been developed for introduction next year – Human Trafficking and Border Security
  • We delivered a pilot trade enforcement program for Australian Border Force, which has been very well received, and a number of participants have already enrolled in the Master of Customs Administration in 2022
  • Australian Border Force continues to engage with us in a wider range of activities, which this year included two significant research projects to support the Government’s future Simplified Trade System, as well as involvement in several of their international capacity building programs
  • We also launched a Certificate program in Regional Customs Administration, which was developed on behalf of the Oceania Customs Organisation, and delivered the program to 85 participants from 17 Pacific Island countries.

School of Psychology Rhonda Shaw


  • Donnah Anderson to Level C
  • Robyn Brunton to Level C

PhD conferral:

  • Leigh Grant

School of Policing – Ken Probert

It has been a busy and relentless year so the School of Policing Studies Academic Coordination Unit should feel very proud for being recognised in the Strong University category RED Excellence Awards and taking away a highly commended award.

Team members: Steve Bath, Rosemarie Bell, Brett Darnell, Jack Gates, Rosemary Guest, Keith Hawkins, Brett Howard, George Jachowski, Melissa Lachlan, Francesca Lemon, Catherine McCarthy, Hayley McClelland, Felicity McWhirter, Cheryl Pearse, Andrew Pocock, Nicole Roberts, Phillip Sharp, Nichole Thurbon, Carla Tomadini, Shelly Walsh, Mladen Zecevic

This team of both CSU and NSW Police staff has delivered exceptional service to ensure that the program of police training has been able to continue uninterrupted throughout the Covid pandemic. The program at the NSW Police Academy sees a new class of 240 students commence every eight weeks, with a total enrolment within the two-year program of about 1300 students.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, all members of the ACU have worked hard to ensure that the program has been able to continue at an exceptionally high standard. With no pause of the program or reduction in student numbers, the team was required to first convert the program from face-to-face to online and then back to face-to-face again. At the same time, the team was working to implement within the program a significant number of new requirements requested by the NSW Police.