Farewell messages to Tracey and Phil

A special message to Professor Tracey Green, from the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies who wish to acknowledge that they were previously attached to the University of Canberra, but in 2013 Tracey thought that Charles Sturt would be a better fit. Within two weeks of holding discussions, Tracey had secured the deal and the rest as they say, is history.

However, they note… when we arrived at our new accommodation, we were wondering whether our core business had been misinterpreted – the sign on the door read “Customs and Exercise Studies” which gave us all a laugh!

Tracey took us under her wing from day one and made us feel extremely welcome, and her support has never wavered. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Tracey – even the seemingly trivial issues – and everything has always been accompanied by a big smile and a huge degree of enthusiasm.

Tracey will certainly be missed! We wish her every success in her new role, which we know she will perform brilliantly.

Many thanks from the CCES Crew!


The Centre for Law and Justice staff send all their best to A/Prof Phil Birch who will be moving on to UTS to set up programs in criminology. Phil’s energy and enthusiasm on the teaching as well as the research front; his amazing research output, grant-getting and research consultancy performance, his research group co-leadership in HAPPS, will all be missed. Phil’s work has inspired many students, his input into subject and course reviews, and his more recent design work for the Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) program has left a legacy that fellow staff and research students can enjoy going forward.  Thanks for everything Phil!

Following the resignation of Associate Professor Phil Birch, who was editor in chief of the journal, Salus (https://salusjournal.com/ ), Dr Kristy Campion and Dr Jamie Ferrill are taking over as joint editors in chief. Best of luck to these rising stars.