Leganto reading lists: Helping you help students


You’ve probably heard about Leganto, that it is a reading list solution that works in your I2 site as a one stop shop for students’ readings. Have you heard how teaching staff are using it to help them help students?

In case you missed it at the recent BJBS Symposium, Dr Karthika Krishna Pillai from Charles Sturt Engineering showcased her use of Leganto to continuously improve subject and student engagement. We thought we’d dig a little deeper and ask Karthika more!

Which feature of Leganto has helped you the most with student engagement in the resources you provide?

The number of views is the most important feature which helped me understand the student engagement with the resource. Another interesting feature is that students can like/comment on the resources which meant I could understand the resources that are most aligned with the WPL experiences of the cohort in that theme. Of course, the statistics help you analyse in-depth the student interaction with the resources.

How has Leganto changed the way you respond to the needs of students in your subject?

The ability to classify resources into sections and have it up in I2 with all the referencing details very quickly was a massive change from the way I used to share these resources as folder items in I2 and being disconnected about how students are experiencing the relevance of these reading lists in terms of their WPL experiences. I regularly reuse my reading list and together with the views and likes, I can add more resources based on the WPL experiences of the cohort as the subject progresses which makes Leganto a living tool.

If you were to recommend Leganto to a colleague, which feature would you say is your favourite feature?

Indeed difficult to pick one! The “views” and the fact that you can easily add any resource using “Cite it” are my favourite.

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