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Copyright for teaching

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to creators of original works. As soon as ideas or thoughts are made into material form such as written, audio-visual recording, painting, photograph etc., they are referred to as works, at which point they are protected by copyright legislation.

Copyright legislation provides a number of exemptions for educational purposes which lets you use these materials in your teaching.

The Library has a range of resources and training opportunities to help you understand how to use copyrighted materials.

Resources to help you

Copyright for teaching guide – A comprehensive guide that provides you copyright information on a range of teaching situations

Copyright for students – Advice for students and how they should work within the copyright legislation.

Training opportunities

We run an online training session through the Division of Learning & Teaching Professional development program. Register for the next session Copyright for Teaching running in early August.

Getting specific advice

For those tricky questions, or not so tricky questions, you can contact your Faculty librarian or the Copyright team.