May / June Executive Dean Report

Some of our Leadership Team are moving on or changing roles. I would like to acknowledge the fantastic contributions these staff have made to the Faculty. They will be missed in their roles. 

Dr Warwick Baines – Sub Dean (Teaching and Learning)  

Warwick is standing down at the end of the month after commencing in July 2016 when CSM launched. Warwick is keen to return to teaching and is also maintaining his currency by returning to the auditing sector one day a week. Warwick has been an amazing support to the Faculty in the role of Sub Dean, setting up the BJBS newsletter in a format which people actually read, running our Teaching Symposiums and of course providing so much guidance and support with the online exams and scholarship of teaching initiatives. His enthusiasm and humor in the role will be missed but I am glad to say he will still be around in the Faculty calling out whenever we have our ‘sub optimal’ moments.   

Dr Stacey Jenkins – Acting Head of School, Marketing and Management

Stacey is standing down as Acting Head of School when the schools merge to a single School of Business on July 5th. Stacey has done a wonderful job in the acting role, quickly managing to develop a clear understanding of our many national and international partnerships and the complexity which comes with working with them. I am very happy to say Stacey will be replacing Warwick in the role of Sub-Dean (Teaching and Learning).  I am sure you will all welcome Stacey into the new role.

Liz Bracken – Sub-Dean (Workplace Learning)

As part of the OR2 Stream A work the Sub-Dean (Workplace Learning) role has undergone significant change and Liz has decided not to submit a EOI for the new Coordinator Workplace Learning role. Liz was our first Sub-Dean (WPL) in BJBS and did a fabulous role to promote and support WPL in the Faculty. Her enthusiasm and expertise in the area has set up WPL to thrive in the Faculty and I am sure the work on her PhD focused on WPL will continue to benefit the Faculty.

OR2 Transition Update

1 week out from the transition into OR2 changes with go live date, Monday 5 July 2021. Please find following updates on position appointments and general house keeping based in BJBS to be aware of as we transition into the new model.

Position TitleAppointed Staff Member/s
Workplace Learning CoordinatorCurrently Vacant
Sub-Dean (Learning & Teaching)  Stacey Jenkins
Head of School, School of BusinessJulia Lynch
Associate Head of School – School of BusinessDianne McGrath
Associate Head of School – School of BusinessAlain Neher
Head of School – School of Computing, Mathematics and EngineeringIrfan Altas
Associate HoS – School of Computing, Mathematics and EngineeringMichael Kemp
Director, CSU EngineeringJim Morgan
  • New School names: As proposed in the OR2 Change Proposal, there are two mergers within the Faculty. The School of Management and Marketing and the School of Accounting and Finance will merge to form the School of Business. CSU Engineering and the School of Computing and Mathematics will merge to form the School of Computing, Mathematics and Engineering. The Faculty celebrates the current Schools and Centre on their achievements and anticipates new successes as a consequence of the synergies that inspired these amalgamations.
  • School Assessment Committees: Due to the timing of end of Session 30, 2021 (202130) School Assessment Committees will take place as per membership in the current schools.
  • Session 60, 2021 (202160) Subjects: will be issued under the existing school names pre OR2 – Stream A school mergers, this will save a lot of time and effort for staff and won’t create an issue for students.
  • School / Faculty Boards and Senate Memberships:  The memberships for these groups will remain the same as per pre OR2 changes until later in the year. An official announcement will be made when the memberships will be changed, until this it is status quo.
  • University Systems: Not every system will change on day 1 (5th July). A common-sense approach to this is being adopted and the priority is being given to the delegations and systems which support urgent actions. Should you have questions on any of the system changes please liaise with the Jillian Taylor, Acting Faculty Administration Manager.

Faculty Office on the Move

The BJBS Faculty Office has been based in the James Hagan Court building on the Wagga campus since BJBS was born (July 2016). In July 2021 the BJBS Faculty Office will be relocating to Building 28 on the Wagga campus whereby many of our Faculty team are already located. We are looking forward to being closer to more Faculty staff.