Goodbye, hello, and get ready!

Sculpture of a hand made of branches in a scenic location

Academic Skills has gone through a few changes lately – but, then again, who hasn’t? One major change is that I am handing over the role of Academic Skills Coordinator for BJBS to Emma Gersbach so that I can concentrate on just being the Manager.

Emma is located on Dubbo campus and has been at Charles Sturt for eight years in various capacities, often working alongside the Academic Skills team. Her extensive experience, expertise, and positive approach have ensured that she has already hit the ground running in productive collaborations that contribute significantly to developing students’ literacy, referencing, learning, numeracy, and digital skills.

Let me say one last time that the single most powerful determinant of student engagement with Academic Skills is the value they perceive that YOU, their discipline experts, place on effective communication and problem-solving skills. We aim to ensure that those of you who embed our contextualised workshops and resources are repaid in the form of more readable assessments from confident students who are better able to demonstrate their subject knowledge.

When you start to prepare for next session, please give Emma a call. She’ll be happy to work with you on strategies to address potential issues and build requisite skills. If you need a strategy to improve students’ writing and referencing, digital skills, navigation of journal articles, or understanding of basic statistical information, give her a call. If you have other concerns about support that students need, let her know. If you want to make sure that your referencing of textbooks and supplementary materials in your Subject Outline models accurate APA style, or want to ensure the language in your rubrics is accessible and instructive for students, Emma is happy to make suggestions.

Most importantly, if you would like a workshop, recording, resource, or deconstructed text in your subject for 202160, now is a really good time to contact Emma. Thanks to those we’ve already heard from – we love advance notice! (We’re also fairly agile, though, so it’s never too late to ask!)

Academic Skills is here to help and Emma is now your conduit to that help.

Thank you very much for giving me so many interesting collaborative opportunities and inviting me into your classrooms to work with your students over the last few years. It’s been great!