QUASAR enhancements keep coming

Further updates will soon be made to the Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) system, as part of a program of continual improvement, and be in place for 202130 end-of-session processes:

  • Library Resources: at the request of the library, the resources available from the library when creating a new action item have been altered.
  • New grade questions: for 202090, a new question asking for comment on grades was added. In response to feedback, that question has been moved higher and the listed categories will now be easier to spot.
  • Workplace learning (WPL) question: based on feedback from the Sub Deans WPL, the question about quality assurance of Workplace learning subjects has been modified to direct convenors to give reflections on WPL subjects.
  • Action items reminders: will now be sent 2 weeks before an action item is due.
  • Actions items revise and cancel: sometimes a great plan gets overtaken by other events or in hindsight we were just too ambitious with our due date, so we’ve introduced the ability to revise or cancel an action item after it has been approved. The buttons ‘revise’ and ‘cancel’ will appear next to the ‘close’ button on open action items, and can be selected by the convenor or any member of the School Assessment Committee. Triggering the process will notify the Head of School (or delegate) who can then approve or reject the request on one screen.
  • Subject Declarations: sometimes we press the Subject Declarations button when we didn’t intend to. At the request of several schools, a Head of School or School Assessment Committee member can now revert the subject declarations if needed.
  • Bug fixes: sorting the landing page by role no longer crashes; Moderation and Grade reminder emails now always include the moderator(s); URL is no longer case sensitive).