An engaging APA style and writing guide

An enterprising group of academics in our very own School of Psychology, lead by Paola Castillo and Robyn Brunton, have been working on an online ‘APA Style and Writing Guide’, which you can access here.

As well as detailed guidance on using APA, there is assistance for writing reflections, essays, research reports and critical reviews. Here’s what Deb Wheeler, our current Academic Skills Lead, had to say:

It’s been set up really thoughtfully and functionally, and aligns with Academic Skills’ approach to the development of writing and referencing skills. The information is extremely useful and well laid out, the templates for students are fantastic, and the resources have been carefully chosen.

There will be regular updates, including the Academic Skills videos, so please send any feedback to Robyn Brunton who is now the key contact for this resource.

Paola, who has just left the University to pursue a clinical career, and Robyn are happy for anyone to use the resource for the benefit of their students. Many thanks to you both and all the best Paola.