QUASAR update

There have been several recent updates to QUASAR, all listed below and all aimed at making life easier for convenors, moderators, and assessment committees in our efforts to ensure subject quality, but some of the changes (1,3 and 4, highlighted in bold) represent a change to the previous practice so please take note. Any question please contact Michael Kemp, the QUASAR product owner.

 FormChange?How does it help?How did it occur previously?
1.MAGQ2b has been updated to include a justification of the selected sample sizes Enhanced guidance on how to answer the question. Previously the question only asked for a justification of the assessment items selected for moderation
2.MAGTab ‘Add note’ is available for Moderator’s when at the MAG form is in Convenor stateHelps Moderator to add their comments even when the form is sitting with the ConvenorPreviously the Moderator could add comments ONLY after the MAG form was moved from CONVENOR state to MODERATOR state.
3.MAGText box for comment on grade distributionsThe mandatory text box asks for comments on grade distribution. Basically a ‘please explain’ for more extreme distributions which will help with grade approval.   Thresholds which require comment are shown on the form (they differ slightly between HD-FL and SY/US subjects).This is a new feature added to the system to satisfy TEQSA’s requirements for CSU to analyse grade distributions. The thresholds were developed with the Presiding Officers of the Faculty Assessment Committees.
4.RAPAdd “issue” field to action itemsIt allows the Convenor to explain why an action item has been added to the subject and assists with TEQSA complianceThis is a new mandatory feature for actions items added to the system.   Possible issues can be picked from a drop down or optionally explained by a comment.
5.REPORTQUASAR/Reports/Action Item Report: add “Issue” in the reportAssessment committees can see the issues (and closing comments) for action items in action item reports.This is a new feature added to the system.
6.R&PSQC Member and HOS roles can Edit/Delete/Create action items in Convenor or SQC stateAny action item that is created in R&P stage can now be amended by SQC Member or HOS (ie the R& P form will not require to be sent back to convenor).  Previously SQC Member and HOS could only add their comments to the R&P form and changes to action item had to be made by Convenor.
7.R&PSQC Member or HOS or administrator roles can Close open action itemsThis would help SQC members to close an action item if a convenor is not able to do so.Was the responsibility of only the Convenor to close action item (most of the time, they still will).

Hope this helps, and please get in touch with me if you have any questions.