QUASAR: listening to your feedback

The Quality Assurance And Reflection (QUASAR) system has now been in use by the whole university for a year, thank you for the constructive feedback many of you have provided during that time. DIT is now working on a mini update to action that feedback and hope to have most updates released a little before the end of 202090. The possible changes include:

  • create action items: a new field will be available to indicate what type of issue is to be addressed (student satisfaction, progress e.t.c.)
  • complete an action: comments made to explain the impact of a completed action are now visible on the action item report. [Completed in Nov].
  • grade distribution comment: to help your School Assessment Committee (SAC) when they approve grades, there will a place on the Moderation and Grades form to comment on grade distributions.
  • moderation guidance: to provide clearer guidance on what is required when justifying the assessment items and sample sizes chosen for moderation (Q2b), the help icon has been updated and can be used to provide the beginning of a response. [Completed in Nov].
  • assessment committees: to be able to directly edit and add action items.
  • moderator comments: to be allowed in the moderation and grades form while still in the convenor state so that they can be involved earlier.
  • subject declarations: mistakes in ticking the subject declarations can be undone by the Head of School.
  • bugs: a wide range have been addressed as you’ve identified them.

When you start preparing your 202130 outlines, remember to check QUASAR for any action items. You can do this quickly by going to https://teach.csu.edu.au/quasar/subjects/202130 and looking at the far right of the dashboard for any open items. If you have a lot of subjects, you can press on the word ‘open’ to sort the dashboard to make it easier to see. If you have any further feedback please let me know via email mkemp@csu.edu.au