WPL done for 2020

What a year!

Finally, we can see a new year on the horizon! 2020 has been such a whirlwind (catch all the highlights from the annual report in the last newsletter). Without question, it’s been a tough year and the WPL staff have simply been outstanding in their collegiality and their commitment to both our students and our university. Student safety was obviously the first priority in any crises but as a close second was creating a sense of business as usual in amongst the turmoil. Our WPL staff went above and beyond – even offering their personal mobile numbers to be on a 24-hour helpline during the bushfires. When COVID hit our staff plugged into all their personal networks finding placements when pandemic forced businesses into lockdown drying up placement opportunities. In an odd irony, the 2020 crises helped review our processes and from that many good things will be coming out of the ashes (pardoning the pun) in 2021.

As Sub Dean I can’t thank the BJBS WPL team of both academics and professinal staff enough. The passion and support for WPL from this incredible bunch of people has really made all the difference.

Winners are grinners

In a lovely acknowledgement of all the WPL hard work this year, John Germov awarded the Workplace Learning Team with a 2020 Excellence Award for Successful graduates… have a look here


ACEN has also wrapped up for the year. You can find the final NSW/ACT newsletter here and all the National newsletters here.