Sub Dean L&T November update

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New i2 content editor

The rollout of a new i2 content editor on Friday 6 November should make life easier for staff to add and edit content in i2. While general use is very similar there are some changes to be aware of. Here are the:

If you experience any issues with the new content editor please log a DIT request. If you’d like assistance with learning how to use the new editor then please log an SRS with DLT.

Continuation of the current arrangements with Turnitin and EASTS

The EASTIR (Electronic Assignment Submission, Tracking, Integrity, and Return) project aimed to investigate and make a recommendation for a replacement of Charles Sturt’s electronic assignment submission system, EASTS along with automating plagiarism checking for assignments. The top 3 products in use at Australian universities were assessed—Blackboard, Turnitin Feedback Studio, and Urkund. Unfortunately, the analysis found that the software products could not be combined in a solution as preferred.  A range of product combination options was investigated but dismissed for a range of cost, technical feasibility, major organisational change reasons. For example, the Blackboard Assignment tool could not be used with the Turnitin Feedback Studio plagiarism detection and the planned investigation of a potential replacement for Blackboard (i2) could render an all Blackboard solution redundant in 2 years despite a major organisational change to implement it.  Automating EASTS to Turnitin Feedback Studio is also not possible under the current Turnitin product. 

Consequently, it was the recommendation of the EASTIR reference group, endorsed by the University L&T Leadership Team, that for the time being we continue with the status quo with EASTS partially integrated to Turnitin Feedback Studio. Although this means some manual work, in creating a class and submitting assignments to Turnitin, will continue to be required it is estimated to be just a few minutes in total for each assessment item (not per student). Professional development for this solution has been completed and resources are available on the Learning and Teaching website. Additional training sessions can be run for 202130 if needed.

Subject delivery guides

The Subject Delivery Guide is a list of recommended tasks that will guide you in the preparation, delivery, and organisation of assessment tasks in your subject and is updated for each of the main 30, 60, and 90 sessions and can be imported into your personal or school outlook calendar. If you’re wrapping up the 202060 session subject(s) the key focus now is completing assessment moderation and the appropriate QUASAR forms. If you’re teaching in the 202090 session then the focus is on welcoming students, ensuring all resources are visible, and checking Grade Centre totals.