CRM reaches another milestone, academic help pages improved

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From the Academic project lead, Brendan Adams…

The Customer Relationship Manager (Microsoft Dynamics) project has now launched its third stage with many Student Services aspects of the project going live on 9 November. While this does not directly affect most academics, it is an important milestone in the CRM project and marks the completion of the main components of the system.

To assist academics with the system and updated DIT CRM webpage has been developed with useful resources in both written and video formats. These resources include overview sections as well as guidance for specific tasks and request types. The page can be found in the ‘Help and Support’ section of the DIT webpage, or by following the link here:

Within the DIT CRM webpage are links to ‘Login to Microsoft Dynamics’ and to ‘Request access to Microsoft Dynamics’ if you don’t already have access. The webpage will be updated to maintain currency. A reminder you can also access the CRM via the staff portal, with the ‘Organise my work’ TOP LINKS section (we’re second from the top!)

As we are at the end of the 202060 session and enter 202090 we may expect some requests to arrive from students for enrolment and grade review. These requests will be delivered to your Outlook inbox and contain a link to the CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) directly to your Dashboard where you can see all tasks for you to complete. If you do need assistance please reach out to me on and I can Zoom you through it.

A reminder that the CRM is not all about requests, it also offers us a wealth of information about our students and can be a very useful tool for viewing enrolments and progress information (such as in Banner), and a history of our students through their university experience.

Finally, an update on the Microsoft Dynamics Outlook Plugin – the tool to allow you CRM access in your outlook screen. We have completed a period of user testing and feedback and the recommendations are to be presented to the steering committee for a decision about the deployment of the outlook plugin.

Many thanks, Brendan Adams