All you ever wanted to know about Academic Skills but were afraid to ask!

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Academic Skills is part of the Division of Student Services at Charles Sturt University. The team comprises:

  • Academic Skills Coordinators who work within a designated Faculty to embed support for literacy, numeracy, referencing, and learning skills in a timely manner within courses and subjects. Academic staff are invited to contact the relevant Academic Skills Coordinator (that’s me!) directly to discuss opportunities for embedding contextualised strategies and resources in subjects and courses. In various BJBS subjects, strategies have included workshops, recordings, videos, study guides, quizzes, interactive activities, and BKSB and other diagnostic assessments. 
  • Academic Skills Advisers who work directly with students in appointments, workshops, assignment feedback, a discussion forum, and other activities to assist them to develop their literacy, numeracy, referencing, and other learning skills. Students can access these Academic Skills services and resources through this link on the Student Portal. 

The Academic Skills model of student support reflects current best practice which acknowledges the value of embedding support in a timely fashion at the point of use and complementing that with individualised support for students as the need arises. 

For examples of strategies and resources that can be contextualised for your subjects, go to the Academic Skills Interact2 Organisation site at

To discuss possibilities to address the needs of your subject and students, just send me an email or a meeting invitation.

Debbie Wheeler, Academic Skills Coordinator (BJBS)