What’s happening in WPL in October?

BJBS WPL Annual Report

A massive year in WPL! Bushfires, COVID, virtual placement, projects, policy, platforms, and more. As a result of all of the Winchester Review committee and policy changes in the last year, the WPL Sub Deans were each asked to write an annual report for their respective faculties. A comprehensive BJBS WPL Annual report was presented (and accepted) recently by the BJBS Faculty Board. It is quite a diverse read and a fabulous opportunity to reflect on the many achievements in WPL this year. BJBS has a fantastic team of both professional and academic staff who together in a very challenging time has produced a number of wins. If you fancy a read, drop me an email for the whole report ebracken@csu.edu.au

Faculty Leadership Team WPL presentation

Recently the BJBS WPL Annual report, Senate COVID-19 WPL report and an overview of the achievements of WPL this year were presented to FLT. A few of the data slides follow below to give a better sense of our scope and reach in BJBS. All data covers the period 2011 (when the WPL professional team was formed) to the time of writing the report. Huge thanks to Kirrily Welsh, our Senior WPL Officer for her terrific work putting together the data and numbers slides. BTW? Kirrily loves her music so each of the slide titles is a song – how many can you guess???

Students have done placement across the globe – even in the middle of the ocean with a placement in Christmas Island
The numbers tell the story.
Calculated at the most conservative wage rate, this is a sense of the money WPL students work participation can be valud at.

ACEN Summit 27-28 October

It’s not too late to register for the bi-annual conference which will take the form of a virtual summit. Registration is free to all Charles Sturt Sturt staff as ACEN members (yes! you are all members) and can be accessed through here http://acen.edu.au/summit-registration/

The themes for the summit are future facing and the discussions are bound to prompt some thinking as to what a post-COVID WIL space might look like.

ACEN Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at 1.30pm AEST on Wednesday 4 November 2020 and all Charles Sturt staff can attend as ACEN members. The AGM can be accessed through https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88536633226?pwd=MVcxWXQ1R0VwY2JRSHdsUG90OUwzZz09

Zoom Password: 528716

Further information and the following meeting papers will be available on the ACEN website prior to the AGM.