Sub Dean L&T October update

Thank you so much for your support of our students through another challenging session. As we head into 202060 exams it’s worth mentioning that if students experience technical difficulties during their exam they have been advised to let their subject coordinators know, as a matter of record. Note that this does not mean subject coordinators must be available during the exam nor are you expected to be providing technical support to your students. There are support options that have been communicated to students, including contacting Student Central.

If however you are made aware of an issue with your exam then please contact DLT staff Kerri Hicks and Michelle Wilkinson (from Monday 19 October onwards) and Rebecca Acheson (from Wednesday 21 October onwards) via Skype for immediate support. I will also be available via email, Skype and mobile (0407 971 114) during the exam period.  

Annual scholarship objectives in 2021 EDRS cycle

Continuing academics will be asked to set an annual scholarly activity objective in this year’s EDRS cycle. Apart from sessional staff who convene subjects taught at Study Group Australia, Charles Sturt sessional staff will not be required to participate for the 2021 scholarship cycle but are encouraged to do so.

Guided by the Scholarly Environment Model and in accordance with the Scholarship Development Framework you will need to include at least one scholarly activity objective as part of your draft EDRS plan for the following year. Much like any other EDRS objective, at the start of each new scholarship cycle you’ll need to document and receive Head of School endorsement for the nature of the scholarship you plan to undertake.The CRO system will be used to record the scholarly artefact and related reflection. 

For more information please refer to the scholarly activities webpages on the Division of Learning and Teaching website. PD sessions, delivered via Zoom, will be scheduled for after the end of session, dates will be posted on What’s New in the coming weeks.

Anthony Chan has put his L&T Symposium BBQ hat and tongs prize to good use!

Other news

  • From 202090 onwards, i2 subject sites will feature the Online Meeting (Zoom) tool meaning you’ll be able to schedule and students will be able to access your subject level Zoom meetings (and recordings) from there. There are significant differences between pre-existing processes for room creation and provision to students and the new tool so if you missed the recent PD session please consult the recording, the slides, and the cheat sheet and/or attend another session at a later date.
  • Charles Sturt EdX, the new name for the University’s Learning and Teaching conference, is back on 18-20 November after an absence of several years and will be completely online. This is another opportunity to engage in scholarly activity with colleagues to positively impact the student experience so please consider registering.
  • If you’d like someone to review your 202090 subject outlines from the perspective of ‘an informed student’ before it’s published then please contact Deb Wheeler.
  • Thanks to those who participated in the recent survey on Microsoft Dynamics, the new CRM. It would be fair to say that the results were mixed, particularly in relation to Awareness. The team is working on addressing those issues
  • As with this year’s other major sessions, 202090 end of session exams will be online so please ensure that you use the exam assessment item as appropriate when publishing your 202090 subject outline. When the time comes you will need to ensure that the type of online exam you set, the duration, the submission method, and whether it will be invigilated is consistent with the advice in the subject outline.