Are you reviewing your subject for 202090?

Our Faculty Librarians can support you during the subject review process:

  • We can provide advice on aligning assessment tasks and their associated marking rubrics with Information & Research Literacies and Digital Literacies.
  • Reading list update – we can suggest relevant and current online resources to enrich your subject.
  • Leganto Readings and resources list – have you considered a Leganto Readings and resources list for your subject? A list can be added to your subject Interact site and used to link to Library resources, websites, videos, and more.
  • Copyright – we can provide advice on a range of topics including how to appropriately use audio-visual material.
  • eReserve – use eReserve to make subject readings from print resources available electronically in a copyright compliant manner.
  • eBooks – the Library has a substantial collection of eBooks perfectly suited for subject readings.
  • Creating links to Library resources – information and instructions on how to create persistent links to CSU Library electronic resources.

For more information please contact your Faculty Librarian

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay