Sub Dean L&T September update

Hope many of you were able to take a little breather during the recent 202060 mid-session break and great to have so many of you actively participate in the 2020 L&T Symposium on 2-4 September, which you can read all about here. Wherever you’re at in relation to scholarly activity, check out the information on the DLT website but also this site from one of produced by the team delivered the Symposium workshop on being a digital scholar. The site features a series of orientation, design, and challenge studios to help you get started and/or get going.

In other news:

  • From 202090 onwards, i2 subject sites will feature the Online Meeting (Zoom) tool meaning you’ll be able to schedule and students will be able to access your subject level Zoom meetings (and recordings) from there. There are significant differences between pre-existing processes for room creation and provision to students and the new tool so if you missed the recent PD session please consult the recording, the slides, and the cheat sheet and/or attend another session at a later date.
  • Charles Sturt EdX, the new name for the University’s Learning and Teaching conference, is back on 18-20 November after an absence of several years and will be completely online. This is another opportunity to engage in scholarly activity with colleagues to positively impact the student experience and calls for contributions are currently open.
  • Don’t forget that under Section 26 of the updated Academic Integrity Policy we must ‘use similarity checking software to check all text-based assessment work submitted by students’. Some PD on using and interpreting results from Turnitin was run recently by Sam Parker and a Faculty Integrity investigator. Accompanying that PD was an excellent resource to step you through the academic integrity checking process.
  • Since going live two months ago, Microsoft Dynamics, the new CRM, has had a few dramas but the implementation team is working hard to get on top of them so that the experience for all is optimal. Sometime this week academic staff should receive a short 10 question ADKAR survey via email. The survey is anonymous so please take the time to give your honest feedback.
  • Online exams are likely here to stay. Beginning on 23 September the University will be undertaking a trial of a comprehensive end to end online exam management and delivery platform known as better examinations. We already have a number of BJBS academic staff involved in the trial but if you are also keen to participate then please let me know ASAP. Over the next few weeks, DLT will busy building more than 900 online exams for 202060. Rest assured that your exams are a priority and will be completed based on the scheduled exam sitting date.