Behind the scenes

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By 7 September, the CIMT (Critical Incident Management Team) had met 94 times and will no doubt make the 100 milestone before the year is out!  Chaired by Paul McLeod, representatives are from the Faculties, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Charles Sturt Campus Services (CSCS), the Library and Divisions such as Facilities Management and IT. All involved have collaborated and have developed plans on the way forwards for our staff and student.  Despite this being said time and again, nothing would have prepared us for what we have all gone through this year.

The Team’s agility, the ability to adjust in line with changing government advice, track COVID-19 numbers across students and staff and the border closures all thrown in the mix has been a challenge. One example is with each Faculty having taken a different approach to a return to on campus learning; the Faculty of Science having intensive residential schools over a 4 week period called Wave 3, a few Faculty of Arts and Education subjects also returned for intensives but remained online for the entire session 2. Our Faculty agreed to start session 2 online then bring some undergraduate students and Port Macquarie postgraduate students back to on-campus learning after the mid-session break on 7 September aka Wave 4. Thank you to the Student Communications team who sent out emails to this student cohort. Also, notifications were put on interact 2 sites to ensure students were aware of what to expect and the actions needed prior to their return.

Some actions/highlights from CIMT group:

  • The staff and student Health Declarations
  • Contact free QR code check-ins for visitors and staff staying >15 minutes
  • Building and room signage, hand sanitizer provided to each building
  • Higher level cleaning provided by CSCS, if you have any concerns about the cleaning process, please contact the Manager of Campus Services relevant to your campus
  • Development of a 3-level response to local campus circumstances and the actions to be taken

Updated COVID-19 information for staff:

Updated COVID-19 information for students:

Finally, a reminder that there are resources available to you on the My Wellbeing staff website. It includes the Employee Assistance Program confidential counselling service for staff and your immediate families, physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing resources.

Take care.