What’s happening in WPL in September?

Lovely to see the spring weather! WPL has settled into the session routine for many of the students. To some extent, COVID-19 has become part of business as usual. This month saw the submission of a number of BJBS WPL reports which is timely – it allows some space to sit back and reflect on some of the WPL successes and wins in 2020. So this month’s newsletter is doing just that – highlighting some of the good work being done in WPL this year.

Curious about what our students get from placement?

For quite some time we have been tracking data from placement evaluations (anyone interested can see each of the discplines WPL placement forms through the faculty website: bjbs.csu.edu.au/workplace-learning). Since 2019 we have taken an interest in a crude measure of how WPL student outcomes align with the strategy ‘Fit me with a job’. The graphic below was part of a presentation put together by Kirrily Welsh for the recent BJBS L&T Symposium.

Graphic: Kirrily Welsh, Senior Workplace Learning Officer

As you can see, students are rewarded with a range of benefits from undertaking placement both in monetary terms and employment prospects. These benefits are tangible indicators taken directly from students as to how we are fitting them with a job.

BJBS L&T symposium

The recent L&T symposium had a workshop session “Effective partnering with industry for workplace learning“. A number of professional and academic staff presented during the session on a range of topics such as WPL supervision, industry support, assessment, employability and graduate employment. The WPL professional team delivered a particularly engaging presentation giving the helicopter view of WPL and the numbers this year. Some of these graphic representations will be shared in coming newsletters.

Graduate outcomes

QILT released their most recent report from a suite of annual surveys access the QILT site for all the surveys The ‘Graduate Outceoms Survey – Longitudinal’ has the one figure we all like to highlight – the undergraduate medium-term full-time emplyment outcomes. Read the whole report here.


The Future Sustainability strategy has determined that as a result of budgetary restraints the WACE membership will not be renewed at this time. Currently the three WPL Sub Deans are exploring other possible avenues to save the membership as it is a valuable source of resources and networking. Updates as they are available.


The national board of ACEN has written a position paper designed for universities to help with the lobbying of government for positive work integrated learning outcomes during the COVID-19 period and beyond. Specifically the paper addresses the National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund (NPILF) and the Job Ready Graduates discussion paper. Well worth a read you can find it here.