What’s happening in WPL in August?

Wow! the year is scooting by and COVID-19 is the new normal. We continue to send students on placement with many of them having converted to a virtual or work from home style placement. This is expected to continue into 2021.

This month is a very short and sweet post where something not COVID-19 might be appreciated.

How much placement is done in BJBS?

It might surprise you just how much placement is done in BJBS. Our Senior WPL Officer, Kirrily Welsh knows just how much and put this table together to show the hours completed in WPL in BJBS. Over 100,000 hours already this year!

ACEN news

Not a lot to report from the NSW/ACT Chapter but here’s a link to the latest National ACEN newsletter where yo can read what’s on offer inthe virtual conversations and follow the discussions ACEN is having with the Australian Government.