Sub Dean L&T August update

Can you believe we’re already 4 weeks into the 202060 session? And that means we’re less than 4 weeks away from the 2020 L&T Symposium on 2-4 September. If you haven’t registered yet, head to the symposium website check out the sessions you want to attend, and submit a rego form!

Better end of session exams

Before September you’ll need to have sorted out your end of session exam as face to face end of session exams again won’t be an option for 202060. The ‘Better end of session exams’ professional development series concluded last week with over 300 staff attending across the 5 sessions. As I said during those sessions whatever happens with COVID, it is unlikely exams will ever completely go back to the way things were. That means that your fantastic efforts in this session, and the last, to move online will not be sunk costs but set us up well for online exams into the future.

If you are writing 202060 exams and did not attend a session can you please watch a recording of a session and consult the associated resources before you submit your exam requests? Those resources are:

  • Guidance on writing or rewriting better exam questions for the online open book environment (including examples)
  • Interact2 test tool guide—outlining the question types available (including some underutilised options), standard settings, tests presentation options and associated resources
  • Comprehensive guidance on submitting 202060 exam requests (due Friday 14 August)—there have been several adjustments from 202030 to accommodate all of the online exam type options.
  • 202060 Exam Script—produced by DLT, this must be used for exams to be uploaded to the exams portal (due Friday 28 August). After reading the 4 pages of background information attach your exam questions from p.5 onwards. The rationale for the script is that this enhances the school level QA process (remember all exams must be QA’ed by the school before upload) and minimises exam build issues.

If you need any assistance in relation to exams, including advice on which exam type to adopt, assistance with rewriting questions, advice on the question type, settings etc then DLT is very happy to help via the SRS  

In brief…

To let you get back to supporting your students I’ll run through other important information quickly.

  • Thanks to the vast majority of you who have already completed
    the staff ELMO module on academic integrity. Please encourage your students to complete the Academic Integrity at Charles Sturt University so they can access their 202060 results. Just as important is the new expectation under Section 26 of the updated Academic Integrity Policy that we ‘use similarity checking software to check all text-based assessment work submitted by students’. Some PD on using and interpreting results from Turnitin was run recently by Sam Parker and a Faculty Integrity investigator. Accompanying that PD was a fantastic resource to step you through the academic integrity checking process.
  • Since going live last month, Microsoft Dynamics, the new CRM, has had a few dramas, most notably (for academics at least) in relation to notifications and licences. Although both those issues should now be resolved if you encounter further dramas then please contact the Academic Product owner Brendan Adams (who has another update in BJBS News) or our superuser Anthony Chan. Speaking of superusers, Brendan would love to have a few more in BJBS so if you’re interested please contact him.
  • IVT, EASTIR and CDAP roll on. If you’re keen to find out what they’re about, give me any feedback or ask any questions, check my recent post.