CRM update

Several improvements have been made to the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) since launch based on the ‘live’ experience and feedback from academics.

  • The default settings for email notifications are now set to ‘YES’. This update ensures that you’ll receive an email to let you know when you have a request or case in Dynamics and solves an issue of accessing Dynamics to set up your email prior to being assigned any tasks in the CRM.
  • A ‘Dashboard’ has been added to the CRM and email notifications link directly to this dashboard so that you are taken directly to a list of all requests that you have assigned to you in Dynamics.
  • The dashboard update also solves the issue of the email link taking you to the generic MS Dynamics environment rather than our Charles Sturt environment.
  • The email design has been updated to include the Charles Sturt logo, more information about how to process the request as well as the updated link. This improvement responds to feedback that the email was too generic and easily confused as spam, or simply missed in the inbox.
  • We have confirmation that a further 400 licences are being purchased as current academic usage has reached the threshold required for this. The additional licences will ensure we all have access.
  • Changes to the visibility of information in the Special Consideration requests are now implemented to ensure student comments in their requests are not visible. This change is based on academics’ concern for the protection of privacy in the CRM and has been agreed by the project sponsor Jenny Roberts. An important note here is that the Special Consideration process remains in our previous system to ensure that any documents are only visible to academics directly involved with the applications. A history of SpCs will be visible in the CRM however no supporting documents or comments about the content of the application will be available.
  • ‘How to’ videos have been made as a quick guide to processing requests in the CRM and will continue to be available in ‘What’s New’ each day. I’ll continue updating and adding to these and will ensure they are available for the remainder of the year. These videos are also incorporated into the Help pane (? Button) linked to each request type.
  • The testing for the Outlook Plugin is beginning this week so expect to see this being rolled-out in the next month. This feature means that requests and cases can be processed directly from your Outlook account. Stay tuned…
  • If you’d like further training in the CRM please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to spend some time with Schools for this.

On personal note I wanted to thank you for your engagement during the first few weeks of CRM, particularly as we worked through our teething problems. I have been really pleased to meet many of you to help with your requests and issues, and to receive valuable feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you require any assistance, are experiencing problems or just want to let me know your thoughts. We are currently in our final phase of design and build so your feedback is important in ensuring we get the best outcome from the CRM.

Brendan Adams, Academic Product Owner, CRM project.