Where do new ideas come from?

Come join us for the Unsymposium 2020

Ideas can come from almost anywhere. A common theme to many “Eureka!” stories is the presence of unintentional dialogues where individuals hear about a challenge and recognize a new path for solving it.

As the theory goes, new ideas blossom from the constant connection of old knowledge and experiences to new situations. It is therefore crucial that we allow and create safe spaces where challenges are discussed openly. Here’s where you and Unsymposium 2020 come together.

Welcome to Unsymposium 2020… where social networking and “corridor” conversations can be experienced in an open (virtual) space and ideas can proliferate. Where both presenters and participants can  share their various stories, experiences and everything in between.

As our presenters kick-start the conversations, the roundtable sessions allow you to explore and discover and provide your own spin on what you and others can do to make progress together. Remember, the Unsymposium is your time to engage with what interests you and what you want to contribute to the SOTL conversation.

Thank you to our presenters…

We have now closed submission for the Unsyposium 2020 sessions. You can start exploring the various conversation starters here.

The Unsymposium presenters will now undertake preparation for the sessions in September.

Who to contact:
The Unsymposium Coordinators are looking forward to hearing what you have to share: Bec Acheson (racheson@csu.edu.au) , Donna Mitchell (dmmitchell@csu.edu.au) , Charles Vandepeer (cvandepeer@csu.edu.au) or Kath Herbert (kherbert@csu.edu.au) .