Sub Dean TOL July update

This will be my last BJBS news column as the Sub Dean of TOL. From July 1, the TOL team and functions will be part of DLT business-as-usual operations. I will be returning to the School of Computing and Mathematics in the role of Associate Head of School.

My thanks to everyone in the Faculty for their generous support of TOL, and of course to Jay Cohen and the rest of the TOL team for their work enhancing our courses and subjects in collaboration with academics. In total, 120 subjects were TOLified across 16 courses as part of the TOL initiative. There remains a handful of BJBS subjects to finalise before DLT business-as-usual operations commence; these will be done in sprints 1 and 2 of the 202060 development period. After these remaining subjects are complete, the priority focus of TOL will be on subjects that make up the revitalised course portfolio.

If an existing TOL subject requires change, this can be done by the academic responsible, in consultation with the TOL Style Guide requirements. Where support is needed to make significant structural changes to a site (such as a complete rewrite of topics or the addition of new interactive components), this should now be managed using the SRS system to request assistance.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic support of TOL – a project that will no doubt inform learning design best practice in the years ahead.