Sub Dean L&T July update

I hope after massively challenging 202030 that you might be able to have a little breather before 202060 session begins next week. Thanks to the hard work of all the 202030 exams in our Faculty were delivered online without too many dramas. The Online Exams working group, of which I am a member, is currently undertaking a review of the 202030 session so that improvements can be made for any future online exam offerings. Although a formal decision about whether 202060 exams will be online is yet to be made it would be prudent to start thinking about how you can write end of session assessments that are effective for the online environment. Professional development sessions on this topic are currently being planned but in the interim DLT has prepared resources and examples that cover a range of viable alternatives so please review them and consult with your colleagues.

As we start 202060 online, and for many stay online for the rest of the session, don’t forget that all the help you need is available in one place. Head to the Transitioning On-Campus to Online Delivery site for advice on teaching online. Don’t forget that Academic skills and the Library are always ready to assist.

In brief…

To let you get back to supporting your students I’ll run through other important information quickly.

  • You should have recently received a special edition of BJBS News focused solely on the 2020 L&T Symposium which will be delivered over 3 consecutive mornings, kicking off at 9 am on Wednesday 2 September. Registrations (which will include the selection of Unsymposium groups and workshops), as well as the symposium website, will open a little later in July. In the meantime here is a post with a brief overview of each session.
  • Microsoft Dynamics the new CRM is now live! If you missed the initial training there is more to come. The Academic Product owner, Brendan Adams, has written a BJBS News post sharing a few tips on getting started as well as flagging what is to come.
  • Speaking of ‘live’ so too is the expectation that students complete the Academic Integrity at Charles Sturt University course before they can access their 202060 results, as well as an expectation that we submit all student assignments via Turnitin. And if you haven’t done so already please complete the staff J ELMO module on academic integrity.
  • IVT, EASTIR and CDAP roll on. If you’re keen to find out what they’re about, give me any feedback or ask any questions, check my recent post.