Microsoft Dynamics, our new CRM, is now live

Our new Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Microsoft Dynamics, went live on 22 June. It has been a busy couple of weeks since then, as we transition to the new platform as well as complete marking, prepare subject outlines and subject i2 sites for the next session. Understandably the CRM may not have been at the top of your mind during this period!

If you’re a Subject Coordinator you will now have access to the CRM and if you haven’t already done so, I’d like to invite you to log in via this link and explore the system. You’ll be prompted to log in via the CSU single sign-on and then will be taken to MS Dynamics where you’ll initially see a list of countries. Please click on the Dynamics 365 drop-down menu at the top left and chose Customer Service Team Member or Current Student (most academics will have Customer Service Team Member access). Once you’re in, I have a few hints and one request:

  1. The Recent tab on the left-hand column menu lists the last 10 pages you’ve visited in Dynamics, so if you do ever get lost in it and want to go back, drop down the menu and choose where you want to go back to. I’ve found this to be extremely useful, especially when I was first working in Dynamics and got myself a little lost!
  2. At the top right of the screen is a help (?) button which opens a help pane relevant for the page you have open. This pane gives guidance for the tasks you are performing – eg. If you’re in ‘Contacts’ the help pane will help guide you to search for a contact, if you’re in ‘Requests’ you’ll receive help searching for requests, and if you have a request open, how to process the request. If the Help pane doesn’t update when you move between Contacts, Cases, Activities, and Requests, just click on the home symbol in the help pane and it will update to the page you have open.
  3. Also up on the top right of the screen is the settings button (the little cog). Opening this will allow you to update your time zone (it defaults to GMT). Please note we’re still working through email signatures etc.
  4. Whether you’re working in Cases, Activities or Requests, the drop-down menu near the top left has options to view All, My Team’s, My Active/Open, etc. – I would recommend My Active/Open for you as this will give you a list of items that have been assigned to you.
  5. Finally, at the bottom of the left-hand column is the Email Subscriptions tab. Click on this and it will bring up your subscriptions. Double click on your name, wait a moment, scroll down to Email Subscriptions and please change these to Yes in ‘Subscribe to All’. By doing this you’ll be notified via email whenever you have a Request (eg. a Review of Grade, Late Addition to Subject, etc.) to process and will only need to click on the link in the email to be taken directly to that Request. NB: If you have access to the ‘Current Student’ version (CDs, HoSs, Exec Deans, etc.) the Email Subscriptions button will be ‘Service’ or ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the left-hand column.

What’s coming up?

Over the next few weeks, beginning the week starting 6th July, we’ll be offering more training for all academics. There will be a lot of options for attendance so if you are taking the chance for a few days off before session 202060 begins don’t worry, we’ll be continuing training throughout July. Please look in What’s New for further details, and I’ll work with your Sub Dean L&T to disseminate the training information to you. Until then, there are training materials, quick start guides, and how-to videos for you on the project page here.

I’d particularly direct you to the quick start guides for Contacts Record and Requests for Academics, and the instructional videos for the CRM Overview and Make a Recommendation in a Request. As you work in Dynamics and get used to the system, I’d love to hear from you if you have any issues, find anything you think needs fixing, or have any recommendations for items or processes you think could be included to improve the system. We do have a further round of design and development through to the end of the year so there is some scope to capture and act on your feedback as Users. My email is and my extension is 19686.

Outlook plug-in coming soon

On this note, one final major CRM item that is not far off is the Outlook Plugin for Dynamics. This will appear in your Outlook screen and allow you to access Dynamics information directly from Outlook. You’ll be able to view student Contact Records, process Requests and Cases and it will mirror the layout and functionality of Dynamics without having to leave the Outlook environment. We’re currently configuring the last items for the plugin to make it as efficient as possible (e.g. if you have a request, ensuring the plugin takes you directly to that request rather than having to search for it). So, stay tuned for the rollout in the second half of the year.

Best wishes and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have anything CRM to discuss!

Brendan Adams, Academic Product Owner, CRM project.