Who you gonna call?

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No, not Ghostbusters. The person you really need to call right now is your friendly, neighbourhood Academic Skills Coordinator. Let me help you get Session 2 sorted.

A workshop for your students can help them understand:

  • how to access the writing, referencing, numeracy, and learning support they need when they need it
  • how to write more clearly and effectively
  • how to structure an essay or report
  • how to write a great introduction or conclusion (or abstract or executive summary …)
  • how to plan, proofread, and edit their work
  • how to deal with the idiosyncratic requirements of a specific assessment
  • how to reference
  • how to extract information from a journal article
  • how to read more effectively and efficiently
  • how to prepare for exams

Alternatively, I could produce a short recording on any of these topics or a Study Guide containing contextualised or existing generic workshops or resources that would be most helpful to develop their skills at the point of need in your subject.

If you would like students to have a better idea of what a quality report, essay, case study, or other text looks like before they start writing their own, I’m happy to deconstruct any fairly good paper (or part of a paper) for you so they have a model text to refer to. Or maybe an instructional resource, interactive activity, or quiz will help focus their attention more acutely on aspects of effective communication – especially those you know have been problematic with previous cohorts.

Perhaps you’d just like me to check the language and referencing you’ve used in your own resources, assessments, subject outlines, or Interact2 site to ensure they model accurate skills.

If all of that is unnecessary, you might just want to discuss strategies for communication or numeracy problems you know will arise, or get some already-prepared and timely announcements that you can copy and paste into your subject site to direct your students to Academic Skills support services and resources.

Call me! I’m here to help.

Debbie Wheeler, Academic Skills Coordinator (BJBS)

Email: dwheeler@csu.edu.au; Tel: 07 55294140